Etching Process

As you can see, with only 15-minute time slots, the process can run pretty smoothly and quickly when organized. Please review the information below to help you better understand the process.

  1. When you arrive, have the following items ready.
    • Government Issued ID
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Completed Registration and Waiver Form
  2. An Officer will collect the information and verify the information
    • Verify owner is a Chesapeake Resident (Return ID)
    • Verify VIN Information (Return Registration)
    • Collect Registration Form (An Excel database is maintained to help identify the property and its owner. The Auto Theft Detectives maintain it and do not use it for any other purposes)
  3. If needed, the vehicle will be moved and lifted by a wrecker
    • This allows Officers to access the catalytic converter and etch safely and easily.
  4. Etching and Paint Marking
    • Using a Dot Pin Marker, the vehicle VIN number is etched in several places and on all catalytic converters that are accessible. (Not all are and may not allow for etching-Recommend you check before signing up)
    • Using a stencil, CPD is spray painted on the catalytic converter with orange paint to be a visible indication that it has been etched.
  5. The vehicle is lowered from the wrecker, and you are free to go about your day.